Justin Boote is an English author of chilling horror and dark fiction currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Over forty short stories bearing his name and unique perspective of the macabre have appeared in anthologies such as Night Terrors by Scare Street, Dig Two Graves by Death's Head Press, and other diverse magazines and anthologies.. 

Coming September 1st, he wil be releasing the first book in his new series, The Undead Possession Series. Book 1; Infestation. To keep up to date on all the latest news, click the subscribe button below and receive a free, exclusive short story!

Now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and KU, the complete demon/zombie hybrid series! A young woman, Sam, is possessed by a demon while hiding from roaming zombies with her parents. Now, instead of fearing them, she wants to create her own demon-zombie super race. Can her father develop an antidote in time to turn the zombies back to human form again before Sam takes over England and, subsequently, the world? Find out by clicking on the cover to book 1 to grab your copy.

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Now available on Amazon and KU, the supernatural serial killer book, Serial!

To find a cure for psychopathy, scientists have created a drug that induces it in human test subjects in order to study and prevent it in the future. But one scientist's impatience leads to a terrible mistake.
Ann wants out. Away from her abusive stepfather and cowardly mother, to start a new life elsewhere. And the ad she sees asking for paid volunteers to test a new drug could be the start she needs to buy new clothes, get a job and leave. And yet, one day in her basement, she finds a necklace. When she wears it, she begins to hear a voice in her head, telling her to find the owner's killer. But after testing the drug at Brimstone Laboratories, two conflicting voices in her head fight for supremacy of her self-control. One telling her to find a killer; the other telling her to kill them all.
And only one of the voices can achieve its goal. Which one will it be? Click here to grab your copy!

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Amazon Review, Badass

Amazingly written and that ending! NOT expecting that at all! LOVE it!


Amazon Review, Love Wanes, Fear is Forever

A haunting smorgasbord of the bizarre with a smattering of gore and a healthy dose of the insane.


Amazon Review, If Flies Could Fart

The author takes you into a place of terror you can't run from or would want to.

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The Ghosts of Northgate (2)_edited.jpg

A series of stories interconnected by a single theme: Northgate Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Home to the most depraved, twisted individuals England has to offer. A place where ghosts roam, where practices long since banned continue today. And the characters in these stories will soon know firsthand if the legends and myths are true...

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