Justin Boote is an English author of chilling horror and dark fiction currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Over forty short stories bearing his name and unique perspective of the macabre have appeared in anthologies such as Night Terrors by Scare Street, Dig Two Graves by Death's Head Press, and other diverse magazines and anthologies.. 

The terror doesn't stop there. Boote is taking his readers for another thrill, weaving his tales of fright into new full-length novels and series that will be released mid to late 2021. 

A Question of Possession

                 A short story

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When Amy encounters Greg naked, battered, and suffering amnesia in Fritton Woods, mumbling about 'lights', she is convinced he has been abducted by aliens, just like she was. Decided to help him, and at the same time prove the existence of extra-terrestrial entities, she takes him into her home while he recovers. But a series of strange incidents suggests to hospital psychiatrist Joan that Amy may have her diagnosis completely wrong. Maybe it's something far more terrifying; maybe he's been possessed by demons...

Justin Boote - A Question of Possession.



Amazon Review, Badass

Amazingly written and that ending! NOT expecting that at all! LOVE it!


Amazon Review, Love Wanes, Fear is Forever

A haunting smorgasbord of the bizarre with a smattering of gore and a healthy dose of the insane.


Amazon Review, If Flies Could Fart

The author takes you into a place of terror you can't run from or would want to.

Out now the latest in the Night Terrors series from Scare Street, featuring my story Do Not Open!

Now available on Kindle, the latest anthology from Crystal Lake Publishers. Just 99 cents, and featuring my short story, Monsters! 

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And The Pigs Will Lead Them....png

When Vincent awakens after being in a coma, he discovers he has visions. But not any visions. He can also manipulate the minds of others. Like his mother. Who he can use to track all the girls that taunted him at school. And make them pay...

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